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Join CT Folk on Facebook Live stream for a virtual performance by Goodnight Moonshine!

Tuesday, July 7th at 8:30pm

More information at: bit.ly/goodnightmoonshine

Also streaming on Youtube: https://youtu.be/3bliI1_4xxQ

Donations welcome to support the performing artist, CT Folk, and Gather New Haven, a local nonprofit that promotes health, equity, and justice for people and the environment by cultivating connections with each other and our local lands and waters, and by inspiring us to care for ourselves, our community, and the natural world.

Goodnight Moonshine pairs the intimacy and immediacy of the 90’s with the sonic explosion of the 60’s. Molly Venter is a viscerally potent singer, à la Fiona Apple and Tracy Chapman, whose songwriting is redemptive and playful. Consummate musician and producer Eben Pariser, is a devotee of Ray Charles, Wes Montgomery, The Beatles and The Band; as well as a powerful singer-songwriter in his own right. Courageous unveiling and depth of experience make the collaboration between married couple Molly Venter and Eben Pariser addictively captivating.

CT Folk at Home is a virtual concert series provided by CT Folk, a non-profit arts organization.


Get to know the charm and wit of Molly and Eben, before Tuesday’s concert, by reading this brief interview below.

CT Folk: What challenges (or benefits) do you find in performing virtually and/or staying connected to your audience?

Goodnight Moonshine: Virtual shows make it even easier for us to lean into the personal/interpersonal part of our performance. This was always a piece of what we do, but now we really lean in and take risks. Being on camera makes you feel a bit like a film star, and knowing that the audience can see every little expression and side-ways look opens up new possibilities for engagement. We feel lucky that we really like this element of performing, and we have fun hamming it up. That could be a really uncomfortable part of virtual shows for a different artist. One challenge for us is not having any real time applause or laughter- which is helpful feedback to know how well we’re really communicating the music.


CT Folk: Can you share a guilty pleasure that has helped get you through this time of social distancing / staying at home? 

Goodnight Moonshine: We do a lot more baking now, cupcakes, making pizza from scratch, etc. – and we don’t feel the least bit guilty! 🙂 Our 4-year old listens to an enormous amount of audiobooks – thank you library apps! 


CT Folk: Any good books, movies or TV viewing that you’ve enjoyed and would recommend?

Goodnight Moonshine: We try to find movies that the whole family will enjoy so nature stuff is our go-to; Fantastic Fungi (which you have to rent from Vimeo, randomly) was incredible!!! We are podcast junkies; On Being, Pod Save America, Unlocking Us, Ten Percent Happier to name a few. Eben is rereading Malcom X’s speeches as well as Marcelo Gleseir’s memoir “The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected” – which Eben says is about Life, physics, fishing and the unknown. Molly just finished “The Body is Not an Apology” by Sonya Renee Taylor and “Untamed” by Glennan Doyle.  Both were tremendous. TV shows might be an actual guilty pleasure; we bounce around between Togetherness and Insecure on HBO, Working Moms and Grace & Frankie on Netflix. 


Goodnight Moonshine (self-question): What will it be like to go back to playing live shows; what do you think will be new and different? 

Goodnight Moonshine: It’s hard to imagine playing live shows before a vaccine is widely available, so we’re imagining how we’ll feel in another 6-12 months, we wonder how many venues will be open then. As thrilling as it will be to be together in a room with our fans and to feel that love and excitement, we’ve learned a lot about the simple pleasures of being at home. We will likely be more selective about what we choose to travel for, and we imagine we’ll continue to do online shows for “the city in the cloud” as we call it.