Mike Vial is a singer-songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He drinks too much coffee, plays Heritage and Taylor guitars, teaches guitar lessons, and tries to take his dog for two walks every day between a busy gig schedule, and his baby’s nap schedule. Mike’s music has been marked by two existential crises, the first being his experience auditioning at Michigan music programs, but not being accepted. “That failure made me a better person,” he reflects. “I was forced to examine my identity and how music would still be a part of my life.” This disappointment led to a change of direction, one that developed his writing voice and poise in front of an audience. After college, Mike performed music part-time for eight years while teaching high school English, but in 2011 faced his second crisis: He left his teaching to focus on music. Throughout 2012-2013, he toured a large part of the U.S. and Canada. He has released a digital album entitled “Mike Vial’s Entire Music Collection” that features all his singles and his three EP releases.

— Steve Winters