If entertainment can be defined as an agreeable occupation of the mind, then Robinson Treacher has found a way to encompass this in every aspect of his contribution to music-kind. Whether playing the role as front man to the soul-rock infused Delaware Hudson, as co-collaborator to the Alt-Country based Tensleep, or as a solo singer/songwriter, Robinson seems to drain himself of energy in the pursuit of portraying moments of musical passion. This passion is evident in every attempt he makes to involve listeners in the spiritual orchestrations of emotion that have been meticulously tempered into songs. Like the long list of New York artists before him, Robinson feeds off the honest grit found among the “huddled masses”…coupling the blatantly obvious with the deeply personal. Chameleon-like in his approach to songwriting, he refuses to be pigeonholed into one particular genre. Believing that each song is forged from its own unique terrain, he takes great pains in choosing the vehicle by which passengers might best weather the bumps, potholes and blind curves found between the first note and the last. There are no canvases on which to paint. There are no seminars from which to glean wisdom. There is only the note. Alone, it is just that; strung together, it is a road on which to experience life. Treacher is building this road for himself, but would be the first to admit that the companions define the journey.

— Steve Winters