Concord, New Hampshire



They are a folk-rock and neo-folk band, not a flock of freshwater diving birds. And they have a sense of humor. Hailing from Concord, New Hampshire, The Grebes are a band with an ever-evolving lineup centered around the songwriting of guitarist Brad Schneider. As they succinctly put it, “the indie folk/punk/pop-inspired Grebes plan to win your heart through sing-alongs, cheeky stage antics and heartfelt/awkwardly sincere stage banter.” They certainly won the support of the audience at CTFolk’s “Auditions Night” in April. One music blogger characterized the band this way: “Their sound is perfectly sloppy and tight. It is loudly full and softly subtle. It is Blues and Clues all at the same time. They found Carmen Sandiego and Waldo who were both hiding in the suitcase their drummer uses as a bass drum. Harmonies they sing both lift you to the angels and toss you to the devil. (“ The group released a four-song EP in 2015 and they maintain a full schedule of local and regional gigs.

— Steve Winters